Tips to Introduce CBD to Your Dog

Tips to Introduce CBD to Your Dog

One of the best feelings as a pet parent is having control over your pet’s wellness and health. While frequently visiting the veterinarian for wellness maintenance has been working for some parents, CBD for pets has proved a better option, explaining why it has gained great popularity lately.

Whether you are just starting on dog care or have been a dog parent for some time, introducing CBD to your dog requires understanding CBD well, so it can be easy for you to administer it correctly.

This article helps you understand what CBD is, its benefits, and how you may administer it to your dog, and offers tips to introduce CBD to your dog.

CBD for Dogs

Even if this could be your first time interacting with CBD for dogs, you may have already heard about CBD for humans. The shortcut to avoiding any form of confusion is remembering that the same way CBD helps humans is the same way it helps pets. CBD is a hemp plant extract.

Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis extracts whose difference lies in their THC levels. Marijuana is known for its high THC concentration, which leads to psychoactive feelings and is responsible for addiction.

Unlike marijuana, hemp contains less than 0.3% THC making CBD a safe supplement as it cannot cause addiction or psychoactive feelings in your dog. CBD for dogs may come in different forms including treats, soft chews, bites and most commonly oils.

CBD for dogs works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system of your dog. The endocannabinoid system is more like any other regulatory system in the body and helps regulate activities such as sleep, mood, pain response and appetitre.

The cannabinoids present in CBD enhance those found in the endocannabinoid system, explaining why CBD for dogs helps improve sleep patterns, reduce pain and improve your dog’s appetite and mood.

Benefits of CBD for Dog

You may not understand why CBD has been gaining vigorous attention lately unless you unearth this supplement’s numerous benefits on your dog. Below are the major benefits of CBD to your dog.

1. Relieve Pain and Inflammation

Naturally, no pet parent would wish to see their pet wither in pain. We all want to see our pets happy, energized and playful. However, your dog may experience pain for different reasons such as surgeries, flea bites, injuries, old age or illnesses. Skin inflammation may also occur, mostly from allergies, resulting in pain.

If your dog has been expressing signs of pain or inflammation, CBD for dogs will help them cool down, reduce pain and inflammation and improve their sleep. You may also take further steps to visit the veterinarian to determine the cause of pain in your dog.

2. Improve Mobility

As a normal part of ageing, your dog may start developing problems with mobility. Some common signs to look out for are difficulties walking, lying down or climbing up the stairs. While these are inevitable with age, you can help your dog have an easy time by giving them CBD to improve mobility.

CBD supports flexibility and strengthens your dog’s joints and connective tissues, ensuring your dog remains as strong as he was during his younger years. CBD for mobility also helps relieve occasional joint stiffness and supports bone health.

At Honest Paws, we understand how painful it is to watch your canine friend fail to perform simple daily activities such as walking or going up the stairs and has, therefore, introduced CBD oil for Dogs-Mobility.

This oil helps reduce your dog’s joint stiffness and pain associated with old age or injuries. As a dog parent and lover, this oil allows you to give your dog greater enjoyment in life, regardless of old age.

3. Reduce anxiety and stress

Stress can affect your dog as much as it can affect you. Some reasons your dog may feel stressed or nervous are loud noises, changes in environment or separation from a loved one. Other dogs may express anxiety and stress signs if they suffer from hyperactivity conditions caused by excess energy that leads to destructive behaviour.

Fortunately, CBD for dogs can help calm your dog, freeing him from anxiety, stress or destructive behaviours.

With its special calming effect, CBD helps improve your dog’s emotional balance and also help them relax. By administering CBD to your dog, you will help your dog cope with external stress, past trauma, changes in the environment, or separation from a loved one.

To get the best CBD to calm your dog, consider visiting our online store for their CBD oil for Dogs-Calm. This CBD oil has properties that enable it to help your dog relax and overcome anxiety. With CBD for dog anxiety, you will not have to watch your dog struggle with aggression and anxieties when there is something you can do to help.

4. Improve Wellness

The same way we improve our wellness by taking vitamins and supplements is the same way we should invest in our pets’ health. One effective way of ensuring your dog’s immunity stays strong over long periods is to offer them CBD oil for dogs. CBD Oil for Dogs-Well, for instance, helps boost your dog’s immune system, support cognitive development and improve neurological health.

With these, your dog will easily cope with difficulties like anxieties or allergies, improving their life. CBD Oil for Dogs-Well also helps promote relaxation, fight stress, enhance joint muscles, and support strong skin and coat.

Tips to Introduce CBD to your Dog

Introduce CBD to your Dog

Introducing new supplements to your dog may be challenging, especially when it is your first time as a pet owner. If the fear of introducing CBD to your dog has been holding you back from this product’s goodness, consider following these tips for a seamless experience introducing your dog to CBD.

Consult your veterinarian

Discussing your intentions with your veterinarian should be the first step when introducing CBD oil to your dog. This will help you understand your pets current health and how introducing CBD products may help improve their health more. Consulting your veterinarian will also help you to monitor your dog’s reaction to CBD closely with the help of a professional.

Conduct research on CBD brands

It is crucial to understand the supplements you want to introduce to your dog before introducing them. When researching the best CBD oil for dogs to settle for, ensure you understand the major problem you wish to solve in your dog.

This is because if your dog suffers from stress and anxiety, you may require a different CBD oil from the one you would use if your dog suffered from mobility problems. Another reason for researching CBD brands is to help you understand price, delivery options, return policy or third-party ratings.

Motivate your dog for the supplement

You may motivate your dog to take supplements using different tricks such as presenting CBD like you present their treats. This will create a positive image in your dog’s head toward the supplement, making the administration process easier.

When administering CBD oil to your dog, you may give them the oil directly to their mouth using a dropper for easier absorption to your dog’s blood system.

Some dogs may not like the taste or smell or CBD at first and this may force you to adopt other ways of administering CBD to your dog. An easy way of giving CBD to a dog that dislikes the smell of CBD is by mixing CBD with their favorite treat or food.

Although the direct method is much more effective since it ensures direct CBD absorption into your dog’s blood, mixing it with food or treats proves effective for dogs that may show so much resistance when feeding on CBD oils directly.

Start with lower dosage and stay patient

After picking up your favorite CBD product and ensuring your dog is comfortable with ingesting it, invest in your patience. Most people expect CBD products to work immediately with their dogs, an expectation that may leads to confusion and disappointment.

Like most other supplements, CBD oils and treats may take time before showing a difference in your dog, requiring you to be patient.

It may take a few days or weeks of continuous administration to ensure your dog achieves maximum benefits from the CBD products. The time taken for your dog to react to CBD may vary given that every mammal has a unique endocannabidiol system and therefore reacts to CBD differently.

You may also start slow and then add your dog’s dosage with time depending on how your dog reacts with CBD. However, ensure you do not exceed the recommended amount on your CBD’s package.

How Can I Administer CBD to My Dog?

The best way to administer CBD to your dog is through directly putting the recommended amount of CBD into your dog’s mouth using a dropper. For CBD treats, the best way to administer them is by offering them to your dog right before a meal. This ensures that CBD falls on an empty stomach for maximum absorption by the body.

However, if your dog does not like to take CBD independently, you may consider mixing it with their meals. Whichever option you chose, ensure that you administer the recommended amount of CBD to your dog everyday for maximum accumulation of this supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I administer CBD to my fury friend?

Most CBD products have different information on how you should administer them to your dog. Consider reading carefully through your CBD products’ package to understand how much CBD to administer to your dog. It is ,however, recommended that you administer CBD to your dog daily for maximum results.

2. Can CBD make my dog high?

As with other cannabis extracts, you may be wondering whether CBD could also cause psychoactive feelings or addiction in your dog. The answer is no. CBD cannot make your dog high as it is extracted from the hemp plant, which has less than 0.3% THC concentration. You can relax knowing that CBD cannot make your dog high even if you accidentally overdose them.

3. How can I introduce my dog to CBD Oil products?

Whether you have a young dog or an older fella, there is no wrong time to introduce CBD to your dog. You may do this by first speaking to your veterinarian for professional guidance, research on the best product to settle for, motivate your dog to take CBD and administer CBD as per the provided instructions. It is also crucial that you stay attentive to any changes in your dog from the CBD administration.

Planning to introduce your canine friend to CBD? Wondering where to get safe and certified CBD products for your pets? Worry no more! Honest Paws is the leading brand in offering quality, recommended and certified CBD products for pets. Our experts also commit to offering expert advice taylored for your pet! 

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