How CBD oil can Help Dogs With Cancer

How CBD oil can Help Dogs With Cancer

Sadly we have all seen someone suffer from cancer in one way or another. It is one of the most painful diseases and a major killer for both humans and pets. For this, receiving the news that your dog has cancer can be frightening and devastating. However, there are different therapies that could help your dog live a longer and normal life including chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Another upcoming and effective therapy is administering CBD to your dog. CBD, a hemp plant extract has properties that enable it relieve pain and inflammation, improve sleep patterns, alleviate anxiety and stress, all of which will help your dog remain calm regardless of suffering from cancer. This article explains cancer for dogs, how to help dogs with cancer and discusses how CBD can help dogs with cancer.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that results from abnormal multiplication of body cells. The normal body functioning depends on cells, which divide and multiply in a regulated manner. When these cells abnormally multiply and divide, they form a lump or a mass of cells called a tumor, which the gives rise to cancer. Sometimes these excess cells move to the bloodstream resulting in blood cancer.

Cancer in Dogs

Surprisingly, most conditions that affect humans also affect pets and in the same magnitude. Cancer in dogs is as common as in humans and causes the same discomfort in both cases. While there is currently no cancer treatment medication, there are therapies that you may consider for your dog to enable them live a normal life. Before we get to these cancer management options, let us first consider the different types of cancer in dogs. They include;

  • Malignant lymphoma: Also called Canine lymphoma, this type of cancer disrupts the dog's immunity, develops in the lymphatic system.
  • Mammary gland tumor: Mostly common in female dogs and affects the dog’s mammary glands.
  • Soft tissue sarcomas:A disease that forms lumps on soft body tissues such as the abdomen, shoulder, arms or thighs.
  • Bone cancer: This cancer affects the dog’s bones and is common in older and heavier breeds.

Cancer Treatment Plan for My Dog

Even if receiving news that your dog has cancer is shocking, you will probably start looking for treatement options for your dog depending on the type and progression level of the disease. It is only natural that all you want for your dog is for them to lead a normal life regardless of the disease.

The first step would be to visit your veterinarian for advise on which steps to take. Mostly, your veterinarian will give you three options, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery, depending on the type and location of the cancer.

Surgery is applicable when the cancer is located at an accessible area. It is conducted to remove the cancerous tumor. For areas that cannot be accessible such as the heart, radiation therapy is recommended for your dog. Lastly, your vet may propose chemotherapy where a wide range of drugs are administered to your dog to fight the disease.

While these three are the common cancer management options, pet parents and veterinarians have recently unearthed the benefits of CBD to dogs suffering from cancer. Below is a detailed explanation of how CBD can help dogs with cancer.

How CBD Products Can Aid Address Cancer in Dogs

Cancer Treatment Plan for My Dog

Although CBD is not the magic medicine we have all been waiting for to cure cancer, it can help your dog have a smooth experience as they undergo different cancer treatments. Similarly to other mammals, your canine has an endocannabinoid system that is responsible for regulating activities such as pain, inflammation, sleep and anxiety.

CBD interacts with this endocannabinoid system by mimicking the cannabinoids that naturally occur in the body, controlling most of the body’s activities. More specifically, CBD may help your dog suffering from cancer in the following ways:

CBD Reduces Pain and Inflammation

It is common for a dog suffering from cancer to experience pain, either from the effects of treatements or the disease’s progression. For this, pain management is a main concern in every cancer treatment plan, explaining why some pet parents run to opioids and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Unfortunately, most of these pain relief medicines cause adverse side effects. For instance, opioids are likely to cause overdependence or addiction while NSAIDs may cause liver and kidney problems as their side effects.

The good news is that CBD has the ability to reduce pain and inflammation in your dog without causing any side effects. With its ability to interact with the endocannabinoid system, particulary the pain receptors, CBD is able to change how your brain perceives pain, resulting in pain relief.

Additionally, CBD oil complements other pain relief drugs, enabling your veterinarian to recommend lower pain relief doses, reducing the side effects caused by these pain relief drugs. CBD is also an anti-inflammatory product and may help your dog overcome any inflammation caused by cancer or its medications.

CBD helps Boost the Immune System

Like most other chronic illnesses, cancer affects your dog’s immunity exposing their body to other illnesses. CBD helps boost your dog’s immunity, helping it overcome these other illnesses connected to cancer.

The endocannabinoid system is closely related to the immune system explaining why CBD can directly enhance your dog’s immunity. CBD is also known to fight oxidative stress, enabling the body to fight off pathogens without further affecting the healthy tissue.

Aids With Nausea and Appetite

Unfortunately, most cancer treatments cause a reduced appetite and increased nausea in your dog, which might result in anorexia. While these treatments are crucial for your dog’s recovery, you may feel bad watching your dog lose weight from poor appetite. To avoid this, administer CBD to your dog to help them overcome nausea and get an improved appetite.

Remember, they need to stay strong and healthy for successful therapies and they may not achieve this if they do not feed well. Sometimes, nausea may make it hard for your dog to like CBD products. In such a case, you may offer CBD to your dog by mixing it with their favorite meals, making it easy for them to ingest.

CBD Supports Anti-Tumor Medication

Although most people balk at the fact that CBD helps reduce the size of tumors, this is actually true and has been scientifically proven. CBD has an anti-tumor effect that helps it shrink tumors and also enhance the tumor-shrinking mechanisms such as radiation therapies.

Enhancing the radiation therapy enables your veterinarian to reduce the dosage without decreasing the treatment’s efficiency, therefore, reducing the adverse side effects related to chemo and radiation therapies.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

It is only natural that your dog may experience anxiety when undergoing these cancer treatment therapies. In some cases, these therapies may be a source of trauma for most dogs, especially the first days before they adjust to them.

Your dog may express signs of anxiety such as frequent barking, aggressive whinning, restlessness or any other signs that show discomfort. To help your dog relax, you may consider giving them CBD. CBD creates a cooling effect in your dog that reduces stress and anxiety, making it easy for them to undergo treatment without feeling anxious.

CBD Improves Sleep

As with most diseases, your dog may develop poor sleeping habits from the pain and discomfort of suffering from cancer. Fortunately, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid, controlling your dog’s activities such as sleep. With its ability to reduce pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety, CBD will help your dog attain better sleep patterns, allowing them to attain complete rest.

With this, your dog will also allow you to enjoy your sleep since as we all know, a sleepless night for your pet means sleep deprivation for you too.

Helps Dogs With Bone Cancer By Improving Their Mobility

Bone cancer is common in dogs, especially the elder and heavier dogs. It results from abnormal multiplication of cells in a dog’s bones that form cancerous tumors. While this type of cancer may result from different factors such as genetics and weight, bone cancer may also result from a poorly healed injury.

Whichever the cause, bone cancer causes pain and discomfort in your dog and may affect their mobility ability.

CBD may help relieve pain, inflammation or any other discomfort related to bone cancer. CBD is also known to strengthen your dog’s bones and joints, therefore, helping your dog to easily move regardless of suffering from bone cancer. The best CBD oil for dogs suffering from bone cancer is The Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs-Mobility.

This oil has properties that enable your dog to attain joint health, reduce joint stiffness and pain, promote bone health and improve mobility. While there is not much you can do to cure bone cancer in your dog, you can at least help them live normally by administering CBD to help them overcome the symptoms of this disease.

Best CBD Products For a Dog Suffering From Cancer

Now that you know how CBD might help your dog that has cancer, let us now consider the best CBD products for your dog. Note, we all desire to offer the best to our pets so all I will recommend here are nothing but the best products, because I care. For pain and inflammation relief and stress reduction, consider purchasing the Calm CBD products from Honest Paws.

These products may either be treats, oils, relief balms, soft chews or pouches depending on your dog’s preference. Whichever product you settle for, ensure you follow instructions to the core for easier and effective administration to your dog.

For better immunity, improved sleep and overall health, consider purchasing Honest Paw’s CBD oil-Well, Well Pre-Probiotics, Well Bites or the Immunity Turkey Tail Mushroom Complex. With either of these products, your dog will benefit from a healthier immune system, helping them combact any diseases that may result from cancer treatments or its progression.

There are also a number of CBD products that can help your dog if they are suffering from bone cancer. Bone cancer may affect your dog’s joints, causing joint and mobility issues in your dog. To help your dog overcome bone cancer symptoms, consider purchasing mobility enhancing CBD products such as CBD Oil for dogs-Mobility, Mobility CBD Soft Chews, Extra Strength CBD oil for Dogs-Mobility or the Mobility-Green Lipped Mussel Joint Powder from Honest Paws.

What all these have in common is they enhance your dog’s bone and joint help and may help reduce tumors, inflammation and pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can CBD help address the harsh symptoms of cancer in dogs?

We all know that there is still no cure for cancer in both pets and humans. What doctors and veterinarians do is recommend therapies to help the patients deal with this disease’s symptoms. Like therapies, CBD helps dogs with cancer overcome the harsh symptoms of cancer.

It attains this by reducing pain and inflammation that may result from the disease or its treatment, improves sleep, helps with nausea and lack of appetite and boosts the immune system. With CBD your dog will feel more relaxed, sleep better and experience lower pain levels through their cancer recovery journey.

2. Can CBD be used concurrently with other drugs?

Yes. CBD can be used concurrently with other drugs and therapies. CBD does not affect the ability of other medication to work in your dog. In fact, CBD enhances these medicines, enabling you to administer a lesser dosage of the drug. This in turn, reduces the number of side effects associated with these cancer drugs, making life better for your dog.

3. How often should I give my dog CBD for cancer?

I know you may feel tempted to give too much CBD oil to your dog to help them overcome cancer symptoms quickly. While this may not cause much harm to your dog, it is not necessary as your dog’s body will only pick the required amount of CBD oil and dispose off the rest as waste.

Instead of doing this, consider following the instructions given on your CBD oil’s package to ensure you administer the required amount of CBD oil to your dog depending on their weight and age. Remember to give CBD oil or the CBD product of your choice every day for better accumulation of the supplement.

Are you aware that your dog is suffering from cancer? Don't leave it in pain. Consider administering CBD oils to help relieve its harsh symptoms that may rob your fury friend of their happiness. Wondering where to get safe and certified CBD products for your pets? Worry no more!

Honest Paws is the leading brand in offering quality, recommended and certified CBD products for pets. Our experts also commit to offering expert advice taylored for your pet!

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