Benefits of CBD oil for dogs with seizures

Benefits of CBD oil for dogs with seizures

Seeing your dog agitated due to getting seizures can be challenging for you as a dog parent. Moreso, if you don't know how to help your canine friend. Can dogs take CBD oil for seizures? The short answer is yes. However, it's important to note that CBD effectively controls seizures, and there is no evidence that it can cure attacks.

CBD oil is made from Hemp and cannabis extracts. Contrary to the belief of many people, CBD doesn't make dogs high as it's mainly extracted from hemp. CBD has innumerable health benefits for dogs, including reducing inflammation and nausea and improving their appetite. Let's discuss more benefits of CBD oil to dogs.

Seizures in Dogs

There are many causes of seizures in dogs, but they differ from dog to dog. Some signs of seizures in dogs include your dog shaking or getting in uncontrollable fits that last for a short time. Causes of seizures in dogs include the following:

  • Health problems like cancer and liver disease
  • To flea products
  • Head injury
  • Vaccines
  • Some pesticides and herbicides

How to Tell Your Dog is Having a Seizure

Some signs like shaking and fits are apparent signs of seizures in dogs. However, there are other signs you should look out for, for example:

  • Your dog loses balance
  • Your dog starts making biting motions all of a sudden
  • Stiffening or collapsing
  • Your dog looks confused or stares at one place
  • Your dog may defecate in an unusual spot

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil stands for Cannabidiol and is made from extracts of the hemp plant and cannabis. CBD oil lacks the psychoactive properties that makes people and dogs high. It is purely medicinal and can have tremendous health benefits for your dogs.

How Does CBD Oil Affect Dogs?

Like any other medicine, CBD oil has both positive and negative side effects on dogs. However, negative effects are minimal and only appear when there's an overdose. They, however, fade away with time.

Dogs have endocannabinoid receptors; cannabinoids in CBD oil interact with these receptors and help control seizures. In addition, the oil has anti-inflammatory properties and alleviates pain in dogs.

Health Issues in Canines That Can Be Resolved Using CBD Oil

Over the years, CBD has been used to treat dog-related health problems. There are numerous health benefits of CBD in dogs. Some dog owners who have used CBD oil swear by its curative properties like:

  • Pain relieving properties
  • Alleviates neuropathic pain
  • Helps control seizures
  • Stimulates appetites in dogs
  • Reduces inflammation
  • It helps reduce anxiety in dogs
  • Preventing nausea in dogs

What Are the Signs of CBD oil Overdose on Your Dog?

As much as CBD oil use and overdose does not have negaive effects, your dog may show the follwing signs you can look for to advise you on reducing the dosage. Some possible signs you can expect include the following:

  • Dry Mouth - Too much CBD oil reduces the production of saliva in dogs. In addition, it increases their thirst, hence causing a dry mouth.
  • Low blood pressure - When used at high levels, CBD oil can lower blood pressure in dogs which can make them light-headed.
  • Drowsiness- CBD can make dogs dizzy when used in high amounts.
  • Diarrhea- CBD overdose causes dog to diarrhea.

How to Administer CBD Oil For Dogs

Among the many benefits of CBD oil is managing seizures in dogs. CBD doesn't necessarily treat episodes in dogs, but it helps control them. However, you should administer CBD oil in the proper manner and dosage to be effective.

The dosage administered to a dog depends on its weight. A dog with a lot of weight is given a higher dosage, and vice versa.

Features to Look For When Purchasing CBD oil

There is a variety of CBD oils in today’s market. Therefore it would be best if you bought one with the features below:

  • Full or broad spectrum
  • Organic
  • Extracted with the use of CO2ht
  • It doesn't have any added contaminants or additives
  • Is in liquid form - Some people prefer CBD in liquid form as you can administer it in drops. However, chewable tablets are an option if your dog is agitated.
  • Has an analysis provided by the manufacturer - the manufacturer should indicate the dosage of CBD oil. In addition, it would be best if the CBD has little THC in the product, as it can make dogs high. THC is a component that may cause proactiveness in dogs, and that's why its use is discouraged
    by the FDA.
  • Don't just look at the cost; look at the ingredients used in the CBD oil and the reviews.
  • Made From domestic Hemp - CBD oil from domestic hemp will have more remedial benefits for your dog.
  • CBD oil specifically for pets - CBD for humans may harm your dog.

What About The Dosage For My Epileptic Dog?

dosage for CBD for dogs with seizures

Seeing your dog suffer from seizure fits can bring a feeling of helplessness. You may be tempted to give it a high CBD oil dose to reduce the seizures and alleviate the suffering. Nevertheless, it would help if you stuck to a vet's prescription. There is no specific dosage for CBD for dogs with seizures.

However, larger dogs get a higher dosage than tinier dogs. Other factors like the age, breed, and weight of your dog are used to determine the ideal dosage. The correct dosage is usually indicated on the package, but you can always contact your vet or the manufacturers if unsure.

Recommended CBD Dosage for Dog Seizures

When purchasing CBD for dogs with seizures, experts recommend buying one recommended for your dog's age and weight range to be safe. The FDA has approved up to 12.5 kg of CBD oil twice daily for dogs. Experts recommend the following dosage:

  • 1-2 kg daily if CBD oil is being administered with oils
  • 3-6 Mg if you are administering CBD together with dog treats

You can increase the dosage while administering CBD through the dog's food. Additionally, there are some exceptions, and your vet may advise you to add or reduce the dosage.

Steps To Follow When Using CBD for Dog Seizures

Before administering CBD oil to your dog, you should:

  • Enquire or research the best dosage range.
  • Adjust the dosage according to your dog's weight, age and appetite.
  • Adjust the dosage until you achieve the desired results or until you get a dosage that works for your dog.
  • Do not administer more than 12.5 kg of cbd daily as it may be more harmful than beneficial to your dog.

Start Low and Go Slow Mode of Administration

This is the recommended way of administering CBD to your dog. If your dog cannot metabolize efficiently, starting with a low dosage, say about 1 kg twice daily, is best. You can gradually increase the dosage when your dog's metabolism increases.

However, liaising with your vet before exceeding the 2 KG dosage would be best. It would help if you ensured that your dog is not allergic to CBD oil.

Also, it is recommended that you start with a lower dose of CBD if you are already using other seizure medications for your dog.

Where Can I Get CBD Oil?

If you are considering CBD oil as a treatment option, it is best to liaise with your vet first. Additionally, you can research online where to purchase CBD oil. Honest Paws offers quality cbd oil products, and expert advice. Please sample our products in our online store.

What are Other Alternatives Other Than CBD Oil For Seizures?

CBD has tremendous health benefits. However, sometimes, it might not give you the expected results. Some treatment alternatives for dogs with epilepsy that don't contain CBD oil include:

  • Potassium bromide
  • Anticonvulsant drugs
  • Pain alleviation treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does CBD Take to Work?

The effects of CBD oil are visible within a few hours of use. If you continue using CBD correctly, you will notice improved results over the weeks. However, if your dog isn't showing improved results, it would help to consult your vet for advice on which dosage is safe to add to your dog.

Continue using CBD oil to maintain your dog's blood levels and reduce seizure attacks. You can stop when the vet advises, or the dog shows an average blood level. Want expert advice on the dosage and best products? Honest Paws is a leading brand in cbd oil for dogs.

IS CBD Oil Legal?

Many people question the legitimacy of CBD oil in treating pets because it has extracts of Marijuana which is illegal in many states. However, it all depends on the state and the country's regulations. Some states have banned the use of CBD, so it would be best to research before purchasing the product.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil is has become one of the most preferred treatments for epilepsy in dogs. However, the ideal CBD oil to use has less Marijuana and more hemp. Additionally, it would help to check the CBD oil you purchase has no THC, as it can cause proactiveness in pets.

Although there is no evidence to suggest that CBD cures seizures in dogs, dog owners report remedial effects like alleviating pain in dogs, improving their appetite and creating a balance in their blood levels. CBD oil overdose makes your dog show signs such as causing drowsiness and diarrhea in dogs.

All in all, the effectiveness of CBD oil varies from dog to dog, and you can seek other treatment alternatives if CBD oil isn't working for your dog. Get quality products that are tested and have Certificate of Analysis from Honest Paws, the leading brand in CBD oil for dogs.

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